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I'm G Rohit

A skilled web developer 👨‍💻, web enthusiast, tech geek, and a proactive individual who is passionate about computers, technology, and music. I reside in Hyderabad, India.

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Here are some of my project works

Here are some
of my project works

Prism website

Prism Club & Kitchen


Designed and developed this website for one of the top night clubs in India.



http://acceptme.in Undergoing thru a feature update 😎🤗😐

Designed and developed (Only frontend) this website which can accept your pending Instagram follow requests in just one click.


Rathan Purohit's Portfolio


Designed and developed this portfolio for one of an upcoming popular photographer in the city.


All India Dank Memes


Had redesigned this popular and unique blogging website for one of my friends. I'm sure you will like the content when you check it out.


Teeaarbee's Blog


Teeaarbee (pseudo name) is one of the most popular video meme editor and professional video editor & meme maker. Check out this youtube channel and subscribe too. ✌


S Tech Infra | Alnish Infra engineering services


Alnish Infra Engineering services is team of experienced Civil Engineers and Backed with business leaders, based out of Hyderabad, India

My Popular codepens:

Viewing these pens on desktop is recommanded

Shining text effect (2.5k views)

See the Pen Shining text effect by G Rohit (@grohit) on CodePen.

Text fill on hover (12k+ views)

See the Pen Text fill on hover #1 by G Rohit (@grohit) on CodePen.

Showing icon on hover in button (4.5k+ views)

See the Pen Showing icon on hover in button by G Rohit (@grohit) on CodePen.

Pure CSS animations - sun, clouds and greetings (click on 0.5x if you are on desktop)

See the Pen Pure CSS animations - sun, clouds and greeting by G Rohit (@grohit) on CodePen.

Battery Charging animation using CSS3

See the Pen Battery SVG animation using CSS3 by G Rohit (@grohit) on CodePen.

Flashing Hello World in multiple Indian language

See the Pen Flashing Hello World in multiple Indian language by G Rohit (@grohit) on CodePen.

Creative Button Hover (3.7k+ views)

See the Pen Creative Button Hover by G Rohit (@grohit) on CodePen.

You can check out all other pens on my codepen profile and all my design related stuff on behance.Need to update more designs tho 😥

Some of my other fun projects which I created:

  • WeatherApp: This app takes an area Zip code as an input and displays the relevant temperature information. view live link
  • Scratch Card: I wanted to create something like google pay scratch card so found a very useful jQuery plugin called - wscratchpad.js using which I made this simple scratch card. view live link
  • Spinner Wheel (Fun game): Fun game to play when you are bored. view live link Not fully responsive
  • Insta Tools: This app helps in fetching basic account info of public Instagram profiles, along with no of followers in full count. Will be adding more features in this soon. view live link
  • Fetch Tweets: I made this application for my own usage as many times I am in a requirement to grab quickly some quotes or facts from random accounts and copying each tweet was time consuming. So I decided to create this simple web app. I have used NodeJS, express, cheerio , ejs and bootsrap for this project. view live link Need to fix a bug 😢
  • To do List App: I developed this 'To Do List app' using pure javascript, and Materialize CSS for UI. view live
  • Loan Calculator: A Simple loan calculator developed using pure javascript, and designed using Materialize CSS. view live link
  • Github users Finder: A Simple app to quickly get a glimpse of any github user info and repos view live link
  • Random Memes from Reddit: You can even get to see cute cats and adorable dogs images along with some really funny and dank memes. Take a look: view live link


I am always enthusiast to expand my skillset by learning online in youtube or by enrolling various courses. Below are some certificates I was awarded as an acknowledgement for the courses that I have completed or the skillset that I have leant.

Certificate Name Issued by
Responsive Web Design FreeCodeCamp.org
JavaScript Algorithms and Data Structures FreeCodeCamp.org
Photoshop Beginners Mastery Udemy.com
Mastering Selections and Masks in Photoshop Udemy.com
ServiceNow Administration Udemy.com
Oracle Certified Professional, Java SE 6 Programmer Oracle

Contact Me

I'm open for commissioned work. You can drop in your queries and will get back to you at the earliest as possible.

 Send me an email: social@grohit.com